Saturday 11 February 2012

Pubs of Pill, part 3

The demolished pubs.
Following on from the previous two posts, here and here, on the closed Pill pubs that are still standing, here is a list of the demolished pubs of the area. Unfortunately I don't have photos of every pub.

Orange Tree, 25 St Michael Street

First mentioned 1848, closed 1998, demolished 1999, housing now on the site.
Owners: Lloyd & Yorath, Ansells, private

Tredegar Arms, 4 Church Street.

First mentioned 1830, rebuilt 1901, closed 1994, demolished 1998. Housing on site now.
Owners: Lloyd & Yorath, Ansells

Hastings, 93 Commercial Road
First mentioned 1872, closed 1986 and converted to offices. Demolished 1999. Housing on site now.
Owners: Lloyds & Yorath, Ansells

Ruperra Arms, 18 Commercial Road, on corner with Ruperra Street
First mentioned 1848, demolished 1979, housing now on site.
Owners: 1926 Georges Bristol Brewery, Courage

Royal George, 1 Potters Parade
First mentioned 1872, demolished 1979
Owners: 1933 Ashton Gate Brewery of Bristol, 1943 Hancocks

Alexandra Dock Hotel, 35 Watchhouse Parade
Built 1876, damaged by Luftwaffe 1940, demolished by Newport Council 1974 for road widening.
Owners: Lord Tredegar, 1905 Hancocks

Commercial Hotel, 1 Commercial Wharf/Town Dock
First mentioned 1845, closed 1971, Black Clawson Club built on site, now that has been demolished for housing.
Owners: 1905 Phillips, 1933 GWR

Neptune, 37 Dock Street
First mentioned 1848, closed and demolished 1965
Owners: Lloyd & Yorath, Ansells

Star Hotel, 103 Dock Street

Phillips Brewery tap, closed 1946 but used as offices. Demolished and Asda car park now on site.
Owners: 1872 Thomas Lloyd Lewis, 1874 Phillips, Simonds

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