Wednesday 26 October 2011

Newport Food Festival

Clashing with the fantastic Cowbridge Food Festival, Newport Council have decided to make an attempt at turd polishing and hold a food festival in Newport. The one day event, being held this Saturday, is sponsored by Asda (Wal-Mart!).
Newport is, of course a famous destination for foodies, the kebab and fried kitten shops of Upper Dock Street and Skinner Street rival anything that Caroline Street in Cardiff can offer.
Joking aside I hope this is a success - if places such as Abergavenny, Cowbridge and even Bridgend and Neath can hold successful events then there is no reason that Newport can not hold one.
Let's have a look at the drinks producers then:
Bragdy gogledd Cymru/North Wales Brewery - How this comapany is still trading is beyond me - every beer I have had from them has been off. One to avoid or just pour on your chips.

Gwatkin Cider Co ltd - say hellow to Mark on the stall, he's easy to spot as he will be reading his copy of the Sun. He's not that familiar with big cities such as Newport so may get lost. Don't forget to tell him the football score if Liverpool are playing, he really likes to know these things when he is on the stall!

The Jacobi Brewery of Caio - excellent beers, far better than the North Wales stuff - have previously reviewed their beers here.

Toloja Orchards - horrible people, never heard a good word about them!

Untapped Brewing Company - excellent beers from this company, highly recommended.

Welsh Perry and Cider Society - somehow still trading after making a £30k loss at their recent International Craft Cider Festival in Nelson.

Full details about the Festival are available on their website here

A beer festival is also being held at the Pen & Wig pub, details here.

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