Friday 7 October 2011

Scores on the Doors - filthy pubs

Further to my previous posts on the 'Scores on the Doors' scheme run by the Food Hygiene Agency, I decided to make Freedom of Information requests to a couple of councils to find out why a couple of pubs had scored so low on the scheme.
Cardiff Council were the first to respond but there was a delay from Powys Council - above is a screenshot from the Food Standards Agency website regarding the George Hotel in Brecon which scored a 0/5 - the website does not go into detail as to why the score was so low, hence the FOI request.
The George Hotel in Brecon scored so low because:
Compliance Food Hygiene and Safety 
Some major non-compliance with statutory obligations
"Repeat issue re fridge. High risk stored"  
Some major non-compliance with stat obligations
"Grease to walls. Cleaning issues" 
Confidence in Management Systems 
Poor track record of compliance, little or no technical knowledge. Little or no appreciation of hazards or quality control. 
"No food safety management".

Not the type of place you'd really want to eat in is it?

The company that owns the George in Brecon also runs the Cricketers in Cardiff which scored marginally better with 1/5
I did get banned from the Cricketers early this year after I complained to the owner via email that his pub stank of fish, which it does. Good job I did not eat in this place as the inspectors found:
Confidence in management/control procedures
"....have not carried out the kind of logical but simple analysis of the food safety hazards present that is required by current food legislation"
Compliance with food hygiene and safety procedures
"Several ready-to-eat food items found in the desert and sandwich trays were found past their use-by-date"
Oh dear, serving out-of-date food to your customers! Is the pub called the Cricketers or the Crapeters?
Compliance with structural requirements
"Ice-making machine was dirty".
"Window in the kitchen left open and provided easy access for pests"
No doubt attracted by the smell of fish from the pub.
"Fridge/freezer in the kitchen was not clean".
"Door seal of the fridge was dirty".
"Floor covering in the kitchen was dirty".
"Ceiling above the hot cupboard in the kitchen was dirty".

Not a glowing report, though I understand improvements have been made. It is odd that the George in Brecon appears to have had less serious issues than the Cricketers in Cardiff, but was given 0/5 rather than 1/5. It seems to be that each council environmental health departments have different criteria to awarding the scores.

The owner of these premises proudly states that he has access to my Facebook account and is in fact  cyberstalking me, if anyone is interested, below is a screenshot from Linkedin account to show that he does indeed read this blog and follow my Twitter updates.

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Hope his brewery is cleaner than his pubs!


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