Thursday 6 October 2011

Otley looks to New Zealand for hoppy October


After a successful award-winning year so far, the growing Otley brewing Company has launched its popular pale ale, Kowhai, to kick off the Autumn.

Between the colours of light copper and yellow gold, Kowhai is quaffable, 4.9% ABV ale with a delicious aroma of berry fruits and vanilla and an initial kick of bitterness.

Kowhai is brewed with Pacific Gem and Hallertauer hops, both from New Zealand. The origin of this ale is also reflected in its name, a Maori translation of ‘yellow tree’.

Nick Otley, managing director of the Otley Brewing Company, said: “Kowhai was first introduced last year and was a big success with many customers complementing the unusual, strong flavours. It’s the perfect combination of zesty summer fruits with the added mellow flavours of vanilla.  The berry consistency provides an initial bitter punch that is perfectly matched to the start of Autumn.”

Kowhai is available in cask to UK trade customers throughout October and will also be available in pubs across London, south Wales and the South West.

For more information follow @Otleybrewingco on Twitter or visit their website.

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