Friday 21 October 2011

True Taste Awards 2011/12

The winners were announced last night and Tweeted by some people, nothing on the True Taste website as of yet (come on Welsh Government get your act together) but as the winners are in the public domain here are the boozy ones as reported on Twitter:

Gold: Celt Experience Brewery - Celt Golden
Silver: Monty's Brewery - Sunshine
Bronze: Blaengawney Hallet's Cider

A slightly ungrateful tweet from Hallets Cider was forthcoming during the awards:
Still when your cider tastes of mouse then what more can you expect?

Update: Full list of winners here


Carl Jones said...

I think its fantastic that they put Welsh cider on the map in 2011.

And not every cider has mouse...

Brew Wales said...

Welsh cider is already on the map but infected cider does not do anyone any good


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