Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Grouse and Telegraph get together in search for famous pubs

Following on from the success of the Famous Grouse/Telegraph competition last year to find the most famous pubs in Britain, these two have coupled up again to run the feature this year with the supplement being printed in the The Sunday Telegraph this October.
The supplement from last year can be found here.
A good bit of pr for the pub trade despite the rubbish written about the Skirrid Inn in Monmouthshire - check out some fisking of the Skirrid stories here.
That aside the photographs of the pubs are excellent and I hope the same quality publication will be forthcoming this autumn.
All the pubs that make it into the supplement will be awarded a commemorative plaque and there is a prize of a trip around the Famous Grouse distillery to be won by someone who nominates a pub.
More information from the Telegraph here.
Nominate a pub here.

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