Friday 29 July 2011

Brains launch stout in Tesco

From a SA Brain press release:
Brains Secures National Supermarket Deal

Welsh brewer S.A Brain and Co Ltd has secured a deal with Tesco to supply 600 stores throughout the UK. From mid August Brains Original Stout – which was developed exclusively for Tesco – will be available in all larger stores, making it Brains’ biggest supermarket deal.

The brewer currently supplies all national branches of Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, as well as all Welsh Tesco stores. Paul Harvey, Head of Take Home, explains: “We’ve been working with Tesco in Wales for several years and, more recently, secured a deal to supply 100 English stores with SA Gold. This latest agreement will step change our business with Tesco in line with our ongoing objective of becoming a major player in the off trade market.”

Over the last 12 months the company’s off trade sales have increased by 15%. Major multiple customers have seen the benefit of taking Brains’ award winning ales into their English stores as consumers seek to try different products from all over the UK. Harvey adds: “The quality of our beers has encouraged repeat purchase and data shows that our SA Gold is now in the top 6% of all bottled beers in Britain.*”

Brains Original Stout has been described as a classic, full bodied and flavoursome, with bold chocolate aromas, complex malted flavours and a balanced bitter taste.


arn said...

so is this Brains Black re-branded? or another stout?

Brew Wales said...

Funny, I asked Brains the same question myself. Its a different recipe to Brains Black according to the head brewer.

I quite like Brains Black and was had a couple of pints of it last month with the head brewer in the Duke of Wellington in Cardiff. Even the canned version is surprisingly good.

arn said...

I agree with you about Black, a very decent pint.
So do we presume the Blacks' sales were encouraging enough to launch a named Stout? hopefully it wont be the end of Black
They'll need to price it better though to realistically compete with Guinness, even now in Tesco Black is more than it, and that wont tempt people away from it.

Paul Jones said...

I'd like to ask Brains how much their on trade sales have increased - the opposite I'd expect.

Their wholesale cask prices are now £10-£15 more than other Welsh breweries which I find extortionate and unjustified.

SA used to go well especially on international days so did their seasonal beers but since Heineken have taken over, the Brains free trade prices have rocketed. I know I'm not alone as other landords Ive spoke to no longer stock their products because of this.

They should sort their act out and remember where the bulk of their consumers come from!



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