Friday 11 March 2011

Gwynt Cider Open Days 2011

The International Cider Makers of the Year 2010/11, Gwynt Y Ddraig have announced the dates for their open days this year, with good food, music and, of course their award-winning ciders and perries to wash down, these popular weekends are set to return on:

April 23rd/24th (Sat 1001-2100 & Sun 1100-1930)
August 6th/7th 2011 (Sat 1100-2100 & Sun 1100-1930)

Entry to the farm open days will be £5.00 per day. On entry your hand will be stamped (different colour stamp for Saturday & Sunday) to indicate to bar staff and site security that you have entered the event via the main entrance. The cost of the ticket will include one free pint or bottle of cider or perry when presented at the bar.

Visitors are welcome to camp over on the Saturday night but please note that the only facilities available are the portable toilets. Please note that all vehicles and camping equipment are left at the owners risk. If you are camping and plan to stay for the Sunday then please make this known to the staff on the gate so you can purchase the appropriate tickets for both days. (This will be a Saturday ticket and a Sunday ticket.) Please note that all campers will be visited on the Sunday morning just to ensure that they have purchased their Sunday ticket.

Please note that entry to anyone under the age of 18 is free but only with an accompanying adult and under 18s will therefore not be supplied with an entry ticket or have the entry stamp applied to their hand. Anyone attempting to purchase an entry ticket but is lucky enough to appear to be under the age of 18 will be asked to produce photo ID.

Once again we are going to take a step back in time and show you how we used to press the apples by winding up our 19th Century double screw press – pictured below (we will be using a modern mill).

Freshly prepared food will be available throughout the weekend from Cegin Crincae, La Creperie de Sophie and pasties and pastries from in a pickle.

A selection of live music will be played over the weekend, Ross Kirk has been confirmed for the two weekends but a full line up of Artists will follow. 

Llest Farm
CF38 2PW 
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