Thursday 17 March 2011

Breconshire Brewery shows pride in British Beer

From Brew Wales

The Breconshire Brewery has lent its weight to a national campaign from the Society of Independent Brewers, by sending a copy of its ‘Proud of British Beer’ film to local Member of Parliament Roger Williams MP, in advance of the imminent Budget.

Breconshire Head Brewer, Buster Grant, was one of the 25 brewers to take a role in the short film, launched earlier this month, which celebrates British beer and the British pub where it is enjoyed by millions of people every week. ‘Proud of British Beer’ is not just a ‘feel good’ movie, it also sends a stern warning about damage caused by the government’s beer taxation policy – pub closures are currently running at 29 per week. “Stop the duty increases – show some pride in British beer”, implores a group of brewers in the film’s end frame.

Buster Grant commented, “We are proud to brew British beer, as are the other brewers from across the whole country who feature in this film. We hope that our message about beer duty is heard by MPs like Roger Williams MP who have it in their power to stop the increases and with it the decimation of our industry.”

Tax on UK beer has increased by some 40% since the millennium, and itis expected that there will be another 7% increase at the Budget - unless MPs act now. UK beer tax equates to 40% of the total beer tax in the EU - an astonishing figure. Taxes now make up over the half of the price of a pint in the pub - yet beer is a low alcoholic strength drink, with known health benefits when consumed in moderation. Pubs are responsible drinking enviroments, yet the ever increasing tax on beer (especially in relation to spirits) is driving pubs out of business, and drinkers out of safe, social, responsible enviroments. Even the Treasury's own figures state that the actual revenue from Beer Duty decreases with every subsequent increase in the tax.
The Breconshire Brewery was founded in 2002 by CH Marlow Ltd, and is at the forefront of the revival of the Welsh Brewing Industry. Buster Grant, the Head Brewer, acts as the Welsh Director of SIBA and is also the Chairman of the Association of Welsh Independent Brewers, a group that wholeheartedly supports this film and its message. The Brewery only uses British ingredients, and is proud to brew some of the best beers in the world.

It's time to take pride in the British Brewing Industry. 

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