Tuesday 15 February 2011

Some unknown pubs- please help!

A few years ago Dave from the RATS bought a collection of images of pubs, all from the former Rhymney Brewery empire. The brewery and the pubs were taken over by Whitbread in 1966. The problem is that not all the photographs were labelled with the locoation of the pubs and we have been trying to identify the location of the pubs for years. That's why I decided to put them on the internet. We have identified most of the pubs but below there are a few we are stuck on.
Most of the photographs in the collection date to before 1966 and feature the Rhymney Hobby Horse branding, however a few are taken later and the pubs have the Whitbread logo on them.
Yes we have tried Google Street view but with only limited success, the pubs featured below may or may not have been converted, renamed or demolished by now.

Builders Arms
Situated on the corner of Exchange Road, the bill poster on the front of the pub is advertising a company based on Station Road, Port Talbot, so the inference is that this pub was probably in or around the Neath/Port Talbot area.
I do like the fag machine on the wall outside the pub though – can imagine how long such a machine would last nowadays!
UPDATE. Thanks to Jay from Neath Ales who identified this former pub on the corner of Dan-y-
Craig Road

 Building today according to Google Maps:

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Commercial Inn
Quite a substantial roadside pub this one on what appears to be a main road or town centre, there is a branch of the Halifax Building Society to the right of the pub. UPDATE: Thanks to Sam who identified it as the Commercial Inn, Killay, Swansea. A pub I have been past on my way to the Railway in Killay!
Gwyn ArmsAn end of terrace pub with the pub sign featuring the statue of Howell Gwyn 1806-88, MP for Neath.

Update: its still open and in Alltwen, SA8 3AJ
Google Street View:

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Ship Inn
Luckily we have two views of this pub, the rear view shows what appears to be a power station or steelworks steam cooling tower in the distance.
An anonymous contributor has identified this pub as the former Ship Inn, Giant's Grave, Briton Ferry.
The former pub is close to the canal and is today on an industrial site.

 Present Day Image from Google Streetview:

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White Lion
Again this looks like a typical street corner from the South Wales valleys, on the main street of the town and on the corner of Hill Street (hardly helpful considering the geography of Wales!) This photo dates from the 1970s by the look of the cars.
Update: Again thanks to Jay from Neath Ales - this pub is on the corner of Neath Road, Briton Ferry, now painted green and called the 'Earl of Jersey'.
Google Street view today:

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Samantha Jones said...


The Commercial Inn in your 'Unknown Pubs' article is on Gower Road in Killay, Swansea. It's opposite the 'precinct' of shops at the heart of the village. It's had a couple of refurbs since this photo was taken!

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

The Ship Inn is in the Giant's Grave area of Briton Ferry, Neath next to the Neath Canal.


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