Thursday 17 February 2011

The righteous get together

In a match made in hell, a joint conference will be held this year by Fake Charities ASH Wales and Alcohol Concern Cymru. The neo-prohibitionists of the smoking and drinking world getting together for what must be a fun-filled couple of days of bansturbation fills me absolute delight.

The topics to be discussed include:
"How do we shift public perceptions and norms?"
"Should we consider managing the retail environment and product marketing as ways of combating tobacco and/or alcohol use?"

So do we expect fair and balanced views from these Government-funded Fake Charities? No, not really as submissions of abstracts from Tobacco or Alcohol Industries or their subsidiaries will not be accepted. Ah so the righteous will be one-sided with their talk of banning advertising and brewery-sponsored sports events. As has been said elsewhere the denormalisation of smoking became eveident before the ban was introduced. We are now seeing the same being done to the drinks industry despite the amount of money it generates for this country.
It's time the Government ceased to fund these Fake Charities who waste our money on schemes to demonise the smoker and drinker. All they wish to do is to attack on our personal liberties and choices for their own benefit not for ours.

First they banned the smokers
And I did not speak out because I was not a smoker
Next they came for the drinkers...........

On another point, National No Smoking Day 2011 is coming up on Wednesday 9th March. Now this is the one day of the year that I choose to smoke, in protest at the nanny state we have imposed on us. This year I have some King Edward Imperials, well the US economy could do with the trade, and also something rather large from Nicaragua. now it's just trying to find the right pub to have a smoke outside, last year the protest was at the Vulcan in Cardiff, still undecided on the venue for this year.

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