Saturday 5 February 2011

Hop Fest at the cricket club

Well the small beerex at Neath Cricket Club is going down a storm. Pride of place at this beer festival are beers from the local brewery, Neath Ales and brewer Jay Thomas is here with the rest of his family who he has roped in to work behind the bar! Now Jay is a man who likes his hops and his 6.2% beer Black Falls Republic is dangerously drinkable, packed full of Armarillo hops this pale ale is almost as good as his Green Bullet beer from last year. As well as that beer his Gold, Firebrick, and Black are also on. Its not just a Neath Ales Festival as Champion Beer of Wales winner Otley O Garden is on as well.
All in all this is a great little festival and acts as a good showcase for locsl breweries. One can just hope it will become a regular event.

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