Monday 13 December 2010

Cardiff Christmas Market

In the run up to Christmas why not support independent drink suppliers by buying direct from the producer?
Gwatkin Cider have a stall in Cardiff High Street, close to the Goat Major pub where their award-winning ciders and perries are on sale. If you need something to warm you up then a glass of their mulled cider is perfect for a cold day. Alternatively their bottles of Sant-a-Cider are available in a presentation box with a Gwatkin cider glass and spices to mull your own cider over Christmas.

 The Christmas Market is open every day in the run up to Christmas and closes at 6pm, apart from on Thursday nights when it shuts at 8pm.
If you prefer something stronger than Denis Gwatkins' ciders and perries then another award-winning producer, Condessa Welsh Liqueurs is also at the market.
 Above: Matt from Condessa has a chat with his imaginary friend
Condessa have recently purchased the Danzy Jones spirit brand from the Celtic Spirit Company who were based in Abergavenny.
Better than buying your Christmas booze in supermarkets anyday!

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