Thursday 21 October 2010

Chilean Miners get Pride

From Brew Wales

Well done to the PM David Cameron for presenting the Chilean President Sebastián Piñera with 33 bottles and glasses of Fullers London Pride for him to pass onto to the rescued miners. It's good to see politicians supporting our national drink and dishing it out around the world.
However, this little gem popped up on my RSS feed from CAMRA:
19 October 2010
By Louise Ashworth

How gratifying was it to see that David Cameron presented the Chilean President Sebastian Piñera yesterday with 33 bottles of real ale? Mr Piñera on his visit to the UK had given the Prime Minister a piece of rock from the collapsed Chilean mine. In return Mr Cameron provided bottles of real ale for each of the miners to enjoy as a gift from the UK.

For years CAMRA has been calling on both local and national politicians to use our national drink for celebrations and we've usually been ignored so it was great news to see Mr Cameron taking some pride in real ale and presenting it to Mr Piñera. Well done Mr Cameron, you've finally got the message. 

Now as any real ale drinker or Fullers fan will tell you, bottled London Pride is not a real ale as it contains no yeast in the bottle and is brewery-conditioned, ie, filtered and pasteurised. Still, let's not have facts get in the way of a good story!

The Grauniad refer to 'Bottles of British beer'.
El Beebo refer to 'Bottles of London Pride'

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