Thursday 14 October 2010

Wife-beater goes tres froid

 That famous Belgium brand Steal-a-Tortoise, though marketed as French and brewed here in Wales is now available in a choice of cold or extra cold. Commonly referred to as wife-beater by the chavs who drink it in Newport, the great unwashed now have a choice of which lager to drink, Froid (cold) or if that has too much flavour for them, Tres Froid (very cold). The new fonts even feature thermometers on them to show the temperature.
For years the members of Gwent CAMRA have paid respect to the lager factory in Magor when returning home on the train from Bristol or London by making a donation in the train toilet and flushing it whilst the train goes through the Severn Tunnel. The Magor factory is supplied by water taken from the Severn Tunnel. I think you can work out the rest for yourself.
So if you want to drink the results of my imbibing Fullers in London or Bristol then I suggest Tres Froid may be the best one to go for.
Good to see the extra cold lager put in a pub just in time for the winter.

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