Thursday 21 January 2010

Cask Theft - readers vote

There is a problem with cask theft in Wales. Last year beer casks from Bullmastiff Brewery went missing from the pubs they were delivered to. Imagine the surprise when these casks later turned up at the pub in Penarth which is the brewery tap. Okay its a Wethersoons but does stock a couple of Bullmastiff beers. Anyway that is beside the point. What is important is that these missing casks were full of beer from another Welsh brewery. Yes, another brewery had taken these casks and had used them. There is a word for that, it is called theft. It was not just casks from Bullmastiff Brewery but from others such as Wye Valley and Spinning Dog breweries. Now the cask thief was a member of SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers but no longer appears on their website. Looks like SIBA have decided to clean up their organisation a bit and get rid of any dodgy members. Good on them. Now the vote - on the column on the right there is a chance to have your vote to say if cask thieves should be boycotted or not. Have your say and I will act on the result. News reaches the editor that a certain cask thief is up before the Welsh Assembly Beer Group at the end of the month. Would recommend that the tables and chairs are bolted down when he makes his exit, it should stop the thief from walking off with any more souvenirs!


MicMac said...

When you say he is "up before" the Welsh Assembly Beer Group - do you mean they are asking about his thieving ways, or is he a guest speaker or something?

Just curious.

Does Buster have any more detail via SIBA? I wonder what sanctions, if any, they've used?

Brew Wales said...

The Cross Party Assembly Beer Group is meeting on Wednesday and the brewer concerned is being questioned.
As for SIBA, the brewer concerned no longer appears as a member on their website so it looks like their disciplinary procedures have been inacted.

MicMac said...

Sorry if I'm being a numbnuts - but do you know if he is being questioned as a guest - about the industry in general, or because company is being accused of acting unfairly / unlawfully?

Brew Wales said...

As a guest. Hopefully the agenda will cover cask thefts but that is up to the AMs. The brewer involved in these unfair practises has already made threats to me in order to distract attention away from his activities. Photos of eratic casks will be appearing on this site over the next few weeks.

MicMac said...

Ah, OK, ta for that - I look forward to the pics.

Leigh said...

It seems to be a problem al over the place, in a all fairness. People just dont realise how costly they are, and that any nascent micro could do without the extra cost of replacing them. Good work on highlighting it, it needs it.


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