Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas Heaven

A good pint of Otley O2, a good pub to drink it in, the Pen & Wig in Newport, and a decent paper to read are all the ingredients one needs for an excuse not to do any christmas shopping. I will do some, but not today. The city centre is too packed. There is only one shop I use and that's Thorntons for christmas shopping, luckily everyone I buy presents for likes chocolate. Meanwhile back to the Otley O2 - its a golden beer, slightly less hoppy than 01 but still with a good amount of bitterness. A good way to spend an afternoon in the shopping maelstrom that is christmas is in a pub, in my case the Pen & Wig. The reasons I like this pub are varied: I like the fact that it sells Bass along with Flowers IPA, Original and two guest ales (brains rev James also on today). I like the fact that a single member of staff in this pub serves people quicker than 3 "serving operatives" can do in the chav palaces that are JD Wetherspoons. I even like the decor, a sort of late 1980s style with wallpaper on the ceiling and odd bits of wooden signs on the walls. But the main season I like this pub is that the beer is good. So that calls for another pint of Otley O2 and lets leave the christmas shopping for another day!

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