Friday 14 November 2008


For years I have been a regular customer in JD Wetherspoons pubs but finally after being threatened have decided to boycott the lot of them. It all started on Wednesday night, when meeting up with Fido after work we went about trying the different beers at their real ale festival in the John Wallace Linton, Cambrian Rd. Now this pub has improved in the last year since the disappearance of the former manager, a former bankrupt (pub was in his girlfriends name until the bankruptcy was discharged) whose previous premises had been closed down due to gun running! Oh and his dodgy mates used to use the pub to sell cigarettes by the carton out of shopping bags. In the last year since the former manager has been gone there have not been any burglaries nor any suspicous fires which some might say is a coincidence, or not.
Anyway to get back to the story - JDW pubs have always had a no music policy which applies to customers. I politely asked some local chav sat behind me not to whistle, it was disturbing our conversation. Unfortunately this chav, after visiting the bar to top up on his gallon or two of Stella which he had already downed decided to bump into me, despite there being more than ample room for his more than ample fat chav gut to get past. I told him to watch where he was going and him and his Stella-sodden partner launched into a tirade of abuse and attempted to attack me. They don't call Stella wife-beater for nothing. Both fat chavs were escorted out of the pub by JDW staff, as in the somewhat shaky video below:

Now the duty manageress did apologise to us but unfortunately the stella-supping chavs had a friend in the pub, an OAP who insisted on joining in. Rather than ask this geriatric gangster to leave, the duty mangeress, who referred to him as "Grandad", allowed him to be served again and he continued to abuse both myself and Fido. Finally when complaining to the duty manageress we were the ones asked to leave, not the geriatric gangster who was being allowed to phone up his sons "to sort me out".
Fido has down a posting on this event as well
Further videos of the events of that night are below

Suffice to say I will not be going back into Wetherspoons again, despite being a customer for 20 years. A complaint has been made to JDW head office and I will give them the full right of reply on this website, in the meantime, why not join the Avoid Wetherspoons Facebook site.

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Anonymous said...

Well done for recording this. "Grandad" and the two Chavs need locking up, barring from the pub and the manageress needs to work in a different industry. She showed serious lack of judgement and attitude. You and Fido were not the ones at fault. Pursue this to head office, it is aggressive customers like these which stop nice people going into pubs causing yet more to shut down.


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