Monday 19 December 2011

Christmas Beers

A quick round-up of a few Christmas beers from breweries in South Wales.

First up is FirKing Good from Brains, brewed with Aromatic Malt and containing spicy hop flavours, this is a deep amber-coloured ale with a warming finish.

Next to Jay at Neath Ales with his Winter Star - a chestnut coloured ale which goes down easy and puts a festive smile on faces. 4.6% very low bittering hops but loads of spicy/earthy late hop flavour from buckets full of traditional hop varieties.

Vale of Glamorgan Brewery have brewed a couple of Christmas specials this year, the first one being Sleigh Belle. a tawny best bitter with pleasant bitterness and gentle hoppiness from cascade whole hops.

Their second seasonal brew is Holly Daze 5.4% ABV and is described by the brewery as 'Our Christmas brew, watch don't get in too much of a daze drinking this smooth, full bodied ale that has a hint of chocolate undertone'.

Celt Experience/Newmans Brewery also have a couple of beers out this Christmas:

Winter Hog Ale 4.6% 
Winter Hog is strong winters ale with a powerful bitterness that explodes into a delicious mixture of fruit flavours and aromas. Amber brown in colour this premium ale is complemented by a good sweet bitterness and a blend of aroma hops lending to its grapefruit and slightly citrus flavour.

Hoppy Gristmas 5.0%
A strong winter speciality ale, Hoppy Gristmas is a deep ruby beer with a delicate fruity aroma and a good hop presence. The lovely taste is distinguished by the sutbly sharp and full bodied flavour.

Best name for any Welsh Christmas Beer has to be from Purple Moose Brewery with X-Moose!

Meanwhile Gwynt Y Ddraig Cider have launched their seasonal cider, Sleigh Ride

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