Friday 19 August 2011

Its ban time again!

Over to the Daily Mail who have set themselves up to be used as the mouthpiece of fake charity Alcohol Concern.
'Alcohol companies accused of exploiting Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by 'targeting young people with drink campaigns'

So which alcohol companies are doing this?
Well none if you read the article, however the bansturbators and prohibitionists at fake charity Alcohol Concern are worried that kiddies may be attracted to drink via promotions on social media.
The charity Alcohol Concern claims drinks companies’ web pages ‘appeal to minors’ with games, competitions and videos of drink-fuelled parties.

It also criticised the use of online and ‘viral’ marketing. This is where a brand message from a company may be passed on by users of a network such as Twitter or through texting – and may eventually reach an under-age user. 

Okay you can find just about anything you want online and I'm pretty sure these kids could have seen everything from the Anarchist's Cookbook to hard-core porn, yet the bansturbators want to prevent the legitimate use of the internet as an advertising tool by drinks companies.

An apologist for the fake charity Alcohol Concern is quoted as saying
'There’s a real danger of children and young people being exposed to alcohol marketing on such sites, particularly given that age verification mechanisms are largely ineffective'
The bansturbator is not mentioned but its probably Don Shenker or one of his acolytes. The problem is if you start banning alcohol on social media sites just because children may see it, where do you stop? 
Banning pub signs and names over the doors in case the children may see it? 
Banning alcohol from supermarket shelves in case a child may grasp it?
The problem is not with the advertising of alcohol but with fake charities such as Alcohol Concern and their bastard offspring Alcohol Concern Cymru being funded by the taxpayer to make attacks on an industry that is enjoyed by millions of people.
First they came for the smokers
Now they are coming for the drinkers

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