Thursday 5 May 2011

Let's 'AV a beer

Saw this little gem doing the rounds today. A well illustrated point but misses the mark. We do not have to decide whether or not to visit a coffee shop and in the real world its doubtful any of us have a choice of pubs to attend any longer after all the closures we have witnessed.
I have noticed my own MP, the baby farmer Jessica Morden has been very quite on the AV issue, in contrast to her neighbouring MP, the decrepit old libelist and North Korea apologist Paul Flynn. Perhaps due to the fact that Morden would have lost her seat under AV to the Libdem Ed 'Turnip' Townsend, a local politician who has been known to 'treat' his prospective electorate to a drink during election time in one of the Maindee hostelries he often frequents.
There lies the problem, its not the voting system that needs changing but the people who stand as candidates. It matters not if politicians are voted in by First Past the Post, Alternative Vote or Proportional Representation when the politicians themselves are inheritantly corrupt.

That's why today I voted 'No to AV'.

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