Saturday 21 May 2011

Gwynt launches new ciders

 Above: Gwynt Y Ddraig Directors Bill George and Andrew Gronnow with their new ciders

Award-winning Welsh Cidermaker Gwynt Y Ddraig has launched two new bottled ciders; Farmhouse Vintage Scrumpy and Farmhouse Cloudy Scrumpy.
NB Tasting notes below are my own.

Gwynt Y Ddraig Farmhouse Vintage Scrumpy 500ml bottle/ 5.3% ABV 
Farmhouse Vintage Scrumpy is a slightly sparkling golden-coloured cider with an aroma of fresh-cut grass, oak and rich fruit flavours. Made from a blend of cider apples, including Dabinnette, that were pressed in the Autumn of 2009, this medium cider has been maturing at the farm since then.
An initial sweet taste is quickly followed by a rich fruity smoothness with some tannins coming through and a pleasant estery mouthfeel. The finish is again smooth but with a distinctive apple flavour which lingers in the throat and provides the rich aftertaste. An easy-drinking cider with a not-too strong alcohol content.

Gwynt Y Ddraig Farmhouse Cloudy Scrumpy, 500ml bottle/ 5.3% ABV 

Farmhouse Cloudy Scrumpy is light orange-yellow in colour and as the name suggests is cloudy; this cider has not been filtered to remove the sediment that naturally occurs when cider is made. A complex aroma of oak, tannins and fresh-baked bread leads to a dry, rich flavour with a sharp appley finish. This dry cider is the perfect accompaniment to strong cheddar. 

Both ciders are available online from the Gwynt Cider Shop. 

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