Wednesday 27 April 2011

Golden Ales at the Grapes

One of Wales' best pubs, the award-winning Bunch of Grapes in Pontypridd will be holding one of their regular beer festivals from Friday April 29- Monday May 2nd, if the beer does run out sooner. This time the theme will be Golden Ales with a couple of rare appearances by beers from Camden and Redemption Breweries.

On the Festival Bar:
Bristol Beer Factory – Acer + Sunrise
Dark Star – American Pale Ale
Skinners – Heligan Honey
Brewsters – Decadence
Isle of Purbeck – Solar Power
Crouch Vale – Yakima Gold
Titanic – Nine Tenths Below + Iceberg
Waen – Tidy Pint
Thornbridge – Jaipur + Kipling
Salopian – Hop Twister + Lemon Dream
Redemption – Trinity (First time in Wales)
Camden Brewery – Pale Ale (First time in Wales)
Oakham - JHB
Other – TBC

On the Main Bar:
Otley – O1 4%
Otley – O4 Colombo 4%
Otley – Croeso 4.2%
Otley – O Garden 4.8%
Otley -- O5 Gold 5%
Otley – O8 8%
Otley Saison Obscura 5.5% + Motley Brew 7.5% (alternating)

Erdinger Weiss
Anchor Steam*
Timmermans Strawberry*

* These beers are on one at a time after the DAB has gone.

Ciders – Various from:
Seidre dai
Gwynt Y Ddraig

There will be a BBQ on Saturday, special traditional old English menu with a twist,
live entertainment on Saturday night and traditional Sunday lunch.

Bunch of Grapes

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