Thursday 6 January 2011

Prince of Wales, Aberdare

Prince of Wales, 21 Victoria Square, Aberdare, CF44 7LB

The Prince of Wales is the third pub in the small but growing empire of Rhymney Brewery's, well, three pubs and is situated firmly in the commercial centre of the town. The Prince of Wales is a welcome addition to the real scene in Aberdare, a town hardly known for its interesting real ale scene. The Prince of Wales only opened a few months ago in what was previously commercial premises, most recently used as a travel agents. Now the pub has been converted into a lively open-plan bar with etched glass windows advertising “Rhymney Cask Ales” and “Purveyors of Fine Ales”. The building is quite distinct, with an unique hand-painted pub sign showing a medieval Prince of Wales in armour leading his troops into battle. The words “Rhymney Brewery” are visible in the mosaic floor in the entrance to this pub and this leads to one large room with the bar counter at the far end. Grey flagstone floors contrast well with Rhymney Brewery rugs in the expansive interior of the Prince. The beams supporting the roof are painted red and contrast with the white walls, moulded ceilings and in-built ceiling lights which provide a contemporary feel to what is basically an old-fashioned beerhouse.

Tables with cast-iron legs and seats are positioned around the walls and one wall in particular features a chimney with a wood-burning fireplace, an unique feature not seen in any other Aberdare pub. The wood-burning fireplace provides welcome warmth during this cold weather as well as being a conversation piece in the pub itself. The stuffed moose head on the chimney-breast does look a little out of place and may be more at home in an hotel run by Basil Fawlty than in a traditional pub. The rest of the interior walls feature photographs of the local area as well as flat screen televisions and a jukebox. Alternative music is provided by the pub piano, another rare feature for any pub.
The bar servery, situated in the far right-hand corner of the pub is made out of light-coloured wood and features 5 handpumps serving beers from the award-winning Rhymney Brewery and include real ales such as Bitter, Dark, Hobby Horse and Export together with any seasonal beers the Merthyr Tydfil-based brewery is brewing. All the beers are served in the brewery's unique branded glasses.
At the rear of the Prince of Wales there is an outside area with a smoking solution. The Prince of Wales does not do any food, this is purely a pub for good beer and conversation.
Aberdare is easily reached by public transport - train from Cardiff or bus from Merthyr Tydfil 

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