Thursday 16 September 2010

New Welsh Breweries feature in the Good Beer Guide

The Good Beer Guide 2011, launched today by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale features more breweries than ever before with 767 different breweries now operating throughout the UK. Four new Welsh breweries are featured in the Guide:
Neath Ales, Neath
Rotters Brewery, Talgarth
Abbey Grange, Llangollen
Gertie Sweet, Eyton (contract brewed at Plassey)

Good Beer Guide editor and Trotskyite Roger Protz says: “The real ale revolution goes on in spite of all the problems facing the brewing industry such as the often anti-competitive behaviour of the large pub companies, the heavy and continuing rise in tax on beer, grossly unfair competition from supermarkets, and the smoking ban in pubs. Yet, against all the odds, craft breweries continue to sprout like mushrooms at dawn.”

“The main reason is a simple one: craft brewers are responding to genuine consumer demand. Beer in pubs may be expensive compared to cheap supermarkets but drinkers are prepared to pay a bit extra for beer with taste and quality. Real ale hits the spot in every way: it has flavour and is made from pure, natural ingredients that are grown mainly here in Britain. More and more people want to think local and drink local and real ale meets that demand.”
“These breweries are just the tip of the famous iceberg,” editor Roger Protz says.
“The breweries section of the Guide is full of similar success stories of small craft breweries that are booming and growing as a result of beer lovers’ demand.
“The British are notoriously bad at celebrating the things we do well but let’s raise a glass to the success of the good old British pint!

The Good Beer Guide is surveyed every year by CAMRA members and the new edition, the 38th, features over 1000 new entries.

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