Saturday 4 September 2010

Neath Ales Green Bullet and Gold beers

Every so often I come across a truly excellent beer and having tried Green Bullet from Neath Ales in both bottle and draught format I can confirm that this is a truly stunning beer.

Green Bullet, 6% ABV, 330ml bottle,
Green Bullet is the name given to a variety of hop grown in New Zealand and this beer is an amber coloured beer with a complex aroma of sharp, fruity citrus flavours from the hops matched with the biscuity aroma of the Maris Otter Malt used to brew this beer. The sweet,malty biscuity flavour is also present in the taste before the unique flavour of the hops provides the bitterness at the end. This is surprisingly drinkable for a 6% beer, a wonderful example of a traditional Indian Pale Ale beer style.

Last week the brewer kindly helped Swansea Bay Beer Festival keep a good range on right to the end, with an emergency reorder. So thanks Jay and keep up the good work.

Neath Ales Gold, 5%ABV, 500ml bottle 

Neath Ales Gold is a deep amber colour and has a rich aroma of citrus fruits and orange marmalade, caused by the First Gold hops used to brew this beer. A smooth bitter initial taste leads on to a very complex aftertaste with the true bitterness coming through a good few minutes after drinking.
An intensely bitter beer that goes well with strong hard cheeses.
I look forward to trying the rest of the range. 

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