Saturday 8 May 2010

Saturday Night @THFF

Do we have a new Government yet? No one really cares on Saturday Night at a beer Festival with the musicians in fine fettle and the beer flowing like the tears of Gordon Brown as he realises his time as our Beloved Leader is at an end. First beer to sell out was Wye Valley Rapid, followed by HPA and Butty Bach. Still plenty of real ales and ciders on for tomorrow though, but glad we ordered that second cask of HPA. Even found time for a spot of lunch at the nearby Dragonfly, a nearby M & B pub serving ales such as Sharps Doombar and St Austell Tribute at too low a temperature. Forgot to take the thermometer over there though. Real ales as the CAMRA bar are about 11-12 degrees C, thanks to the cooling system borrowed from Jim at Spinning Dog Brewery in Hereford. Back to the bar for the last half hour and we open in 13 hours for the Sunday Session. More fun, beer, music and cider, what more do you want for entertainment in Newport?

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