Friday 28 May 2010

Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival - Beer list 2010

 It's coming up to the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival again.
This year the festival opens on Thursday June 10th and continues on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th June. 11-11 all days.
Admission costs £5 per person, which includes limited edition glass and souvenir programme. CAMRA members and those under 26 will receive an allowance of beer tokens
Provisional beer list - subject to change depending on delivery etc:

Abbeydale Caskarade 4.2 Seasonal beer with cascade hops
Arkwrights Run of the Mill New brewery at Preston
Arkwrights Trouble at Mill New brewery at Preston
Art Brew tba
Artisan IPA 6.0 Specially brewed for us by local microbrewery that specialises in bottled beers
Bank Top Barley to Blonde 3.8 Latest seasonal
Bath Ales Summer Beer 3.8 New beer from well established brewery
Birds Bromsgrove tba
Box Steam Old Jocky 4.0
Bragdy r Nant Mwnci Nells * 5.5
Bragdy r Nant Chwaeden Aur 4.2
Brains Dark* 3.5 Classic Dark Brown Mild with a mix of malt, roast and caramel with a background of hops.
Brains Bitter 3.7 Malt and fruit flavours initially bittersweet. An easy drinking beer.
Brains SA 4.2 Mellow, fullbodied beer with a malty, hop and fruit mix.
Brains Reverend James 4.5 Rich in flavour and dark amber in colour
Brains Gold 4.7 Golden beer with a hoppy aroma. Well balanced with a zesty hop, malt, fruit and balancing bitterness and satisfying finish.
Braydon Chippenham Yertis 4.1
Breconshire County* 3.7 Amber with a balanced mix of hops, malt and bitterness, a traditional British bitter.
Breconshire Golden Valley* 4.2 Rounded golden beer, former champion beer of Wales.
Breconshire Cribyn* 4.5 Very pale, aromatic best bitter
Breconshire Good Time George 4.6 In honour of George Melly
Breconshire GVX* 6.0 More potent version of Golden Valley
Breconshire Spirit of The Dragon* 6.5 matured in whisky casks
Bryncelyn Everyday 3.8
Bryncelyn Holly Hop* 3.9 Refreshing hoppy, fruity flavour with balancing bitterness, a similar lasting finish.
Bryncelyn Buddy Marvellous* 4.0 Dark brown, complex and tasty mild, former champion beer of Wales.
Bryncelyn Oh Boy* 4.5 Golden in colour with a tasty mix of hops, fruit, bitternesss and background malt.
Buckle St Honeybourne Pandoras Box 4.2
Bullmastiff Welsh Black* 4.8 A stout with blackcurrant flavours, distinctive and tasty.
Bullmastiff Old Casknicker 5.0 new beer, light brewed with golding, styrian golding and Saaz hops.
Bullmastiff SOB* 6.0 Complex, warming amber ale with a tasty blend of hops, malt and fruit flavours.
Bullmastiff Special Reserve 6.5 Brewed initially to commemorate what is now the Brewery Tap Wetherspoon Penarth, Bears Head. Taste the vanilla.
Celt Experience Summerberry 4.1
Celt Experience Golden* 4.2 Citrus hop bitterness with some underlying sweetness leading to a refreshing zesty finish
Celt Experience Proud of Pubs 4.2 New recipe this year, hoppy and golden
Celt Experience Bronze new recipe 4.5
Celt Experience Bleddyn 7.6
Celt Experience Beer Rocks Spring Crazy 4.4
Celt Llantrisant Wheatsheaf Golden Hoppy Special 6.2
Concrete Cow Cock & Bull 4.1
Conwy Cwrw Gwesty Cobden 4.1
Conwy Honey Fayre SP* 4.5 A golden honey beer.
Conwy Rampart BB* 4.5
Conwy Telford Porter* 5.4
Corvedale Farmer Ray 4.5
Crown Inn Pewsey/Worlds End tba
Cumbrian Legendary Dickie Doodle 3.9
Derventio Cleopatra 5.0 Apricot beer
Elland Earthbound 4.8
Enville LPA (Light Pale Ale) 4.0
Evan Evans Cwrw 4.2 Blend of biscuity malt and fruitiness with a light copper colour
Evan Evans Golden Hop 4.2
Evan Evans Archers Empire 4.4
Evan Evans Warrior 4.6
Evan Evans Archers Golden 4.7 Classic Old Style light amber clean dry bitterness, spicy finish
Facers Flintshire* 3.7 Golden colour, tasty hop flavours and balancing bitterness.
Facers Daves Hoppy Beer* 4.3 Amber-gold brew with a big malt and Phoenix hop flavours.Added dry hop.
Felinfoel Double Dragon 4.2
Felinfoel Seasonal 4.3
Freeminer Slaughter Porter 5.0
Fuzzy Duck Cunning Stunt 4.3
Gertie Sweet Wrexham Gertie Sweet 3.9
Gertie Sweet Wrexham "1047 4.7
Golden Valley "4-10" 3.8
Golden Valley Brewers Choice 4.5
Great Orme Welsh Black Mild 4.0
Great Orme Celtica* 4.5
Gwaun Valley Fishguard Bitta (2*9) 4.0
Gwaun Valley Fishguard Bitta (2*9) 4.0
Gwaun Valley Fishguard Light (2*9) 4.0
Gwaun Valley Fishguard Light (2*9) 4.0
Heart of Wales Horseplay 4.4
Heart of Wales D'Rovers Return 4.0
Heart of Wales Welsh Black* 4.4 Well balanced stout, full flavoured with roast malts, current champion Stout of Wales.
Heart of Wales High As A Kite* 10.0
Hobsons Mild 3.2 A tasty mild, complex malt flavours, former champion beer of Britain
Hobsons Best 3.8 Amber coloured, well balanced malt and hop flavours with a clean bitter finish.
Hogswood Stoked 3.7
Ilkley Pale 4.2
Ironbridge Coracle 3.8
Ironbridge Shankers Tipple 4.6
Jacobi Dark 5.0
Jacobi Light 3.8
John Roberts tba
Jolly Brewer tba
Jolly Brewer tba
J Ht S (Fox, Hanley Broadheath) Snooty Fox 4.1 Copper coloured with local Worcestershire hops
Kingstone Gold 4.0
Kingstone Abbey Ale 5.1
KInver Fest Special
Kinver tba
Kinver tba
Lion's T'ale as available
Loch Leven Once Bitten 3.9
Ludlow The Boiling Well 4.7
Mallinsons Dangerhops 4.4
Marble Ginger 4.5 Full bodied, complex with a clear ginger flavour
Mavern Hills Pressnitz Pizen 4.3 Pale gold, Soft fruit and citrus flavour, thirst quenching.
Mc Givern Mad Matts 3.6
Mc Givern tba
Montys Sunshine 4.2
Montys Mojo 3.8
Moorhouses Black Cat 3.4
Morton Penkside/latest
Naylors Cravenbrau 4.3
Neath Ales tba
Neath Ales tba
North Cotswold tba
North Curry Gold
North Wales Moelfre IPA 4.0
Oakham Inferno 4.0
Offas Dyke tba
Offas Dyke tba
Otley "01* 4.0 The original Otley best bitter, pale gold
Otley O Garden* 4.6 Award winning wheat beer
Otley "F" 4.8 Special brew only available at Fagins Taffs Well
Otley OG* 5.4
Otley "02" 4.2 Rounded golden beer, juicy malt with a fine mix of hops and bitterness.
Otley Dark O 4.1 Dark brown, mix of dark malts, roast and hops.
Penlon Cottage Tipsy Tup 3.8
Penlon Cottage Cardi-Bay Best 4.1
Penlon Cottage Twin Ram 4.8
Penpont Launceston tba
Penzance Potion No 9 4.0 Smooth drinking, hoppy finish
Plassey Dragons Breath 6.0
Plassey Cwrw Tudno 5.0
Prescott Hill Climb 3.8
Preseli Tenby Rocky Bottom 4.0
Preseli Tenby Walk the Plank
Purple Moose Snowdonia BB* 3.6 Hoppy, floral gold coloured ale with a dry finish, champion beer 2009.
Purple Moose Revelation 3.9 The seasonal - no tasting notes
Purple Moose Glaslyn* 4.2 Full bodied session bitter
RCH Pitchfork 4.3 Pale gold, citrus hop flavours with bittersweet balance, refreshing.
RCH Old Slug Porter 4.5 Rich mix of coffee, chocolate, dark fruit and hops, dark brown.
Rhymney Hobby Horse 3.8 Pale brown, traditional best, malt, gentle hop and bitterness
Rhymney Dark* 4.0 Dark mild with malt flavours, bittersweet,rounded, champion beer 2007.
Rhymney Amber 4.7 New beer try it and see
Rhymney Export* 5.0 Premium beer, full bodied, copper coloured, malty.
Roseland Truro Cornish Shag 3.8
Rotters TBA
Rowton tba
Salamander Harem Scarum 4.0 new pale ale
Salopian Soul 3.9
Salopian Blackwater SKA 4.0
Sandstone Postmistress BB* 4.4 A pale brown, fruity, malty beer
Sandstone Sandstone Edge 3.8 Pale, aromatic session beer.
Sarah Hughes Pale Amber 4.0 Pale gold, bittersweet with a rounded hoppy finish.
Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild 5.8 An all time favourite and multi-award winner
Shires All Nations Madeley Dodger Mild 3.5 nutty and full bodied
Shires All Nations Madeley Summer Classic 4.3
Six Bells Mayfayre 4.3
Spinning Dog Spinach Ale 2.9 What a healthy beer to be sure
Spinning Dog Herefordshire Light Ale 4.0 Summer special
Steel City/Gazza Multi Hop Sp
Steel City/Gazza Multi Hop Sp
Stonehenge Danish Dynamite 5.0
Swansea Deep Slade Dark* 4.0 award winning premium dark - roast malt flavours
Swansea Three Cliffs Gold 4.7 Golden, hoppy and bitter beer with a refreshing crisp finish.
Teme Valley Talbot Blonde 4.4 Mellow, rich golden beer.
Teme Valley That 4.1 Copper colour, malt and hop flavours.
Tempest Bitter 3.7
Tempest IPA 4.7
Tempest Porter 5.1
Thomas Guest (Black Country) English Summer 4.1
Thomas Guest (Black Country) Cobblers 4.4
Thornbridge Jaipur 5.9 complex well balanced
Toll End Ocker 4.0
Tomos Watkin Cwrw Haf 4.2 Golden, refreshing hop, juicy malt and bitterness
Tryst Black IPA ?
Tudor Blorange 3.8 golden, citrus, floral
Tudor Skirrid 4.2 best session beer
Tudor Sugar Loaf 4.7 darkish, roast hints of coffee
Uley Pigormortis 6.2
VOG Light Headed 4.0 Refreshing pale amber beer.
VOG Summerdaze 4.2
VOG Chapter Old School 4.5 New brew commissioned by local arts centre, a darkish bitter
Waen Landmark 5.2
Warcop Cobblers 4.0
Warcop Black Bowler 6.7
Wessex Isle of Avalon Lumberjack 5.0 A new rasberry beer
Wharfebank Cam Fell Flame 4.4
White Hart Carmarthen Cwrw Blasus 4.0
White Hart Carmarthen Roast Barley Stout 4.0
White Hart Machen tba
Wickwar Station Porter 6.2 Dark, complex mix of chocolate, coffee and dark malt flavours
Windlestone New Gold 3.9
Windsor & Eton Guardsman 4.2
Windsor Castle/Sadlers Magic Miles 6.0 Ruby Mild
Wye Valley HPA 4.0 Light, gold-coloured ale with a good hop character throughout
Wye Valley Trekkers 4.2
Wye Valley Butty Bach 4.5 A deep gold, full bodied premium ale.
Wye Valley Country 6.0
Zero Degrees Pale Ale 4.2
Zero Degrees Seasonal 4.2
Zero Degrees Black Lager 4.8
Zero Degrees Pilsner 4.8

A big thank you to the festival organiser who has refused to supply me with this information. An even bigger thank you to the person not even in CAMRA who eventually did!

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