Wednesday 14 April 2010

Wikio Labs - who links here?

Thanks to Ollie over at the Red Rag for the tip to this one.
Those nice people at Wikio have an experimental section where you can type in the URL of your blog and it shows who is sending traffic your way by linking to you. It only works if both your blogs are indexed by Wikio and is still in the experimental stage so thought it would be good to see where most of my backlinks come from:

1. is the left-wing commentator and drinking buddy of Brew Wales, Fido at the Lone Voice. Fido was one of the reasons I started blogging as I got sick of people thinking his website was written by me!

2. Pete Brown's Beer Blog, Well Pete Brown is the top beer beer writer/blogger in the UK and I must get round to reading his books sometime.

3. Andrew Wilcox Media Wales' website guru and founder, organiser and generalisimo of Shed Week proves their is life outside of the shed with his blog on beer and photography, though beer does tend to dominate.

4. Pencil and Spoon Mark Dredge was the The British Guild of Beer Writers New Media Writer of the Year 2009 and its an excellent site.

5. Beer Reviews - Andy Mogg has a well-designed and innovative site, one I'm determined to spend more reading!

Well that's the top 5, not a bad little tool from Wikio and sure to use it more in the future.


Curmudgeon said...

Fido left-wing?! You're avin' a larf, mate!

Brew Wales said...

It's called satire


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