Thursday 8 April 2010

Welsh Assembly now gives grants to convert pubs to restaurants

Not content with dishing out £250,000 of our money to fake charity Alcohol Concern, the Welsh Assembly has now given a grant of £172,800 to a Mr Mafiz Ali to convert the former Old Rising Sun/Harlequin pub into an Indian restaurant. Just what we need in Newport, another restaurant! The City is full of third-rate Indian restaurants at the moment with hardly any customers, chucking this money at a new venture will do nothing to improve Newport. Still at least the local populations of stray cats and dogs are kept in order!
The Old Rising Sun was sold by Admiral Taverns in 2006 for £300,000 and closed shortly afterwards with the usual 'suspicious fire' taking place. Amazing that so many Newport pubs somehow catch fire just after they close! The spontaneous combustion of recently closed public houses is a fascinating subject which the local police should really take more interest in rather than harrassing innocent citizens.
The Welsh Assembly and their Assembly Beer Group do claim to support our breweries and pubs but with money being thrown at projects such as this you have to wonder where our politicians truly stand?

Lets see some Assembly money being put into supporting our pubs, not encouraging their destruction.

H/T to the South Wales Argus for this story, though they seem to have missed the bit about the Assembly wasting our money


Anonymous said...

Please get this right - the Assembly beer group is cross-party, with AMs from all four parties. Where money is spent is decided by the Government not the 'Welsh Assembly' which is the pariament- it's the 'Assembly Government, the Government. Simples!
It's like the Treasury doing something and you say that 'their beer group' when you're talking about the Parliamenarty Beer Group. Seperation of powers and all that.
It's an important issue so make sure you get the facts rights

Brew Wales said...

Well when we have such an ineffective opposition as we do in the Assembly, they all derserve to be tarred with the same brush.


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