Thursday 30 July 2009

Lets have rollers!

The other night, as Brew Wales was making his way home after a night of research in the Capitol, he could not help to notice the roller shutters that have been fitted to the front of the Godfrey Morgan, a JD Wetherspoons chav-palace situated in Maindee, Newport. Now I realise the building was derelict before 'Spoons moved in, but roller shutters, on a former cinema built in the 1930s? Hardly in keeping with the Art-noveau decor of the building or fitting into the surroundings.
Now a JDW insider (yes there are some who still speak to me) tells Brew Wales that the shutters were fitted because of burglaries at the pub, only the perpetrators of said break-ins actually forced the fire door at the rear of the pub, not at the front. So another building in Newport gets desecrated in the name of security.
Still look on the bright side, the shutters only come down when the 'Spoons is shut, so the hours they are down are quite few. Another bit of character to add to the 'Port.

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