Monday 6 July 2009

Terra Nova, Cardiff Bay

Lets face it, there are few architectually stunning modern pubs in Wales. The SA Brain owned Terra Nova on Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay is however an exception. With its frontage resembling the prow of a ship, this split-level bar offers views of the bay and the Norwegian Church. The beers are served with Brains unique eye-level handpump, only used in their flagship pubs. The real ales are Bitter, SA, Dark and the seasonal ale, at the moment it is Land of My Fathers, a light-coloured 4% ale with a floral aroma and a pleasant, sweetish aftertaste with hints of vanilla. From those tasting notes you may guess there is something unusual in that beer and the special ingredient is Welsh honey. Perfect for a summer day down the bay.

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Rhys Wynne said...

I'm not a huge fan of Terra Nova, but I've not been in there for years - it was rammed on Saturday night, like everywhere else in the bay as I walked past.

I had a few pints of Land of My Fathers at Clwb y Bont in Pontypridd on the friday, after visiting the Rhymney Brewery's new pub, The Patriot. It's nothing like it's Crumlin namesake (thank whichever god you follow), but could do with a bit of money spent on it's fixtures and fittings. While it's the people that make a good pub (and the people there are lovely), I'd guess that the premises is a former bookies or something, and all that's been changed is the bar being plonked in the middle, which gives the place a rather bizarre feel.

I also visited a garishly furbished bar/restaurant called the Blueberry (formerly Market Tavern) which only had Brains IPA smooth on tap as a bitter. There were three unused hand pumps, although a review on Pontytown mentions it has served Theakstons.


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