Wednesday 7 January 2009

Oz & James Drink to Britain

Oz and James Drink to Britain at

New series following Oz Clark and James May, both have been Champion Beer of Britain judges in the past, as they go around the UK in a roller with a caravan in tow. Eight half an hour episodes where they try and find a beer better than Thornbridge Jaipur IPA - they won't, they found it and drank it on the first show!

Quite an amusing show and well worth watching - I might even buy the book.
The one episode I am looking forward is the visit to Denis Gwatkins' Cider Farm in Abbeydore. Now this involved a cricket match with a team from the Clytha Arms. Anyone who has been to the farm would describe it as a bit rustic to say the least and as a working farm, it's probably the only cricket pitch in the UK where the cows have to be cleared off before the match can start! added to that the wonderful cider and perry that Denis produces, it's sure to be a good episode.

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