Saturday 7 April 2012

Save your pint -sign the petition

The Government now take a third of your pint of beer in tax, according to CAMRA, who have launched a new website and campaign in order to get more people to sign up to the e-petition to halt the beer duty escalator.
The duty escalator is applied in an already shrinking market, hardly a good idea in a recession, or at any other time.

The escalator has seen beer duty increase by 42% since 2008 including a rise of 5% in last month’s budget.

Securing 100,000 signatures for this e-petition is a key aspect of the ongoing campaign to lobby the Government for the escalator to be abolished.

The e-petition needs 100,000 signatures in order to trigger a high profile Parliamentary debate which will put pressure on the Government to abandon the beer duty escalator in the 2013 Budget.

The Save the Pint Campaign is also backed by beermats and posters - click here to order them for your local - good to see beermats being used for this as most publicans I know are only too glad to have some. Apart from the ones made by the local rozzers that is.

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