Wednesday 4 April 2012

Easter Beerex at the Coach in Bridgend

The best pub in Bridgend, the Coach on Cowbridge Road will be holding their second beer festival this weekend, starting on Thursday 5th at 1730 and continuing over the weekend.
Facebook Event here
A bit more about the pub here

Titanic Brewery
White Star
Captain Smiths

Saltaire Brewery
Blackberry Cascade
Darwin’s Original

Salopian Brewery
Lemon Dream

Potbelly Brewery
Crazy Daze

Nethergate Brewery
Umbel Magna

Thornbridge Brewery

Salamander Brewing Co
Golden Salamander

Oakleaf Brewery
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bitter

Otley Brewing Co
O4 Columbo

Oakham Ales
Scarlet Macaw

Moles Brewery
Mole Catcher
Holden’sGolden Glow
Bath Ales
RCH Brewery
Old Slug Porter

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co
Urban IPA

Cider from Gwynt Y Ddraig as well.

1 comment:

arn said...

only been there once but it was recently, and as i blogged then the abscence of a threatening atmosphere so usual in bridgend pubs was so welcome. Great pub, recommend it whole heartly, great beers in great condition when i tried them.


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