Tuesday 3 March 2009

New Brewery for Wales

Wales gets a new brewery. It's not every day that a new brewery sets up in Wales so hats off to Pam Honeyman for starting Monty's Brewery in what has been a bit of brewery desert, Montgomeryshire. Last brewery in the area was, I believe Sam Powell who disappeared about 20 years ago, though their beers were brewed in England for a while. I did manage to try one of Monty's beers in the Bunch of Grapes, Pontypridd the other day and was quite impressed by it. Look forward to trying some more of the range sometime.
Check out the brewery website for details of their beers and a few recipes using beer to cook with. For those who cannot wait Monty's beers are available in the Kerry Lamb near Newtown and the Lion at Caerhowell.

Monty's Brewery
1 Castle Works,
SY15 6HA
Tel: 01686 668933

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