Friday 6 March 2009

Globe bites the dust

Another day another pub closed in Newport. This time its the Globe, Chepstow Road, Maindee. Although not been run well for years and having to compete with 2 nearby super-pub chav-palaces, the Globe still retained a loyal customer base, who have no doubt found some other local pub to haunt. Nearby the Maindee pub is also shut and does not look like re-opening any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi I posted in the other Pubs closing thread.. I don't know if you class it as a pub, but the other Chav Palace 'The Cotton Club' in Cambrian Road has closed down... The two pubs either side 'Greyhound and Seven have promptly banned all Caps and Tracksuits..

Out of curiosity how does 'Seven stay open? There's never anybody in there - it plays rap music and has banned the type of people it's aiming to attract.. I also read that Walkabouts is allegedly pulling out of Newport

Also The Xit Up Bar appears to have been turned into a house.. So the way things are looking there won't be uch left in the town centre only Spoons

Anonymous said...

Seven has now closed

Brew Wales said...

JD Chaverspoons were after the old Tredegar Arms/Yates/Seven to turn it into a Lloyds No1 so they may go for it again. Good news for the polycarbonate industry as you won't get a glass in there.


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