Wednesday 13 February 2013

Zero Degrees Stormin' Norman

Zero Degrees Stormin' Norman 4.5% ABV, available at Zero Degrees, Westgate Street, Cardiff

Zero Degrees microbrewery is housed in an art-deco former hotel garage in the City Centre. The brewster Victoria Stippa is shortly to move to Austria to take up a new job there and she has brewed this one-off beer in honour of octogenarian pub regular Norman Tandy, who has been a CAMRA member since the 1970s.

Stormin' Norman is a dark, Munich Style wheat beer, Victoria previously worked at famous Munich-based brewer Paulaner so the beer is true to that style. The beer pours with a slightly beige head and has an aroma of of cloves and caramel. Initially sweet tasting with some rich caramel notes, that leads onto an aromatic finish. Dry, flavoursome and very drinkable, Stormin' Norman is a fine finish to the time Victoria has spent in Cardiff.

This article originally appeared in the South Wales Echo 09.02.13

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