Friday 8 February 2013

Taxpayers money spent on beermats again

 Good to see that in a time of so-called austerity the public sector is cutting back on spending, unless, of course, you refer to Gwent Police, who have once again produced beermats for pubs. This time they are advertising local taxi numbers via a text messaging service that costs you 50p. Okay its not all down to the doughnut-munching Gwent rozzers but the local councils as well.
Now I've got no objection to beermats or what they advertise but why the hell is taxpayers money being spent advertising a service run by private companies? Surely the taxi firms themselves should be producing this, not counciltax payers?
More beermats from the rozzers here, here and here


Cooking Lager said...

Sure it isn't funded through "sponsorship" of the taxi companies?

Brew Wales said...

Then why are their logos not on mats instead of public bodies?


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