Friday 15 June 2012

Plough & Harrow Charity Beer Festival

As if anyone needs an excuse to visit one of the best pubs in the Vale of Glamorgan then why not head down to the Plough & Harrow in Monknash for their beer festival?

£5 entrance, all in aid of Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society (COMBAT STRESS) via Gerald McCarthy  and his 9 Peaks Kilamanjaro Challenge. Starts at 1800 tonight (Friday) and continues throughout the weekend until Sunday. Live music, good food, beer & cider, all in a marquee in the grounds of the pub.

Beer list
St Austell's Tribute
Skinners Cornish Knocker & Keel over
Crouch Vale Galena & Amerillo (Possibly Golden Duck if we can get hold of any)
Church End's What the fox hat
RCH Pitchfork & Firebox
Brewster's Decadence
Titanic's Lifeboat
Purple Moose Dark sde of the moose & Snowdonia
Celt Experience Silures
Otley O5 & Thaibo
Untapped Sundown
Wickwar Long John Silver
Neath Ales Firebrick
Brecon Twilight Beacons

There are also regulars Bass, HPA, HB, etc.

There will be another possible dozen ales to add to this list once confirmed.

Ciders i.e.
Black Dragon
Happy Daze
Farmhouse Sweet and Dry
Two Trees Perry and the new stronger Pyder
Trying to get hold of some Cornish Rattler and Black rat
Plus some others, again to be confirmed.

More details on their Facebook event site here
Have previously blogged about the pub here so the Google Map and Traveline Bus information is on there.

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