Friday 29 June 2012

Going O out for Otley at the Bunch

Award-winning Otley Brewery are featuring a weekend of their beers at their pub, the Bunch of Grapes in Pontypridd.
Above: Nick Otley at a previous Otley Festival in the Bunch

A showcase of the award winning Otley Brewing Company with a wide selection of Beers, all on handpull

What’s On -
Friday 29th June
Night: Live New Orleans style music from ‘The Occasional Brass Ensemble’

Saturday 30th June
Day: BBQ
Night: Rock and Blues Guitar Duo ‘Rustie Nutz’

Sunday 1st July
Soak up the rest of the beers with our epic Sunday Lunch

O1 – 4.0%
Our Flagship Golden Ale

CroesO 4.2%
Light, hoppy and delicate with big aromas. This is the Bunch’s house Ale and is hugely drinkable, as our regulars will attest to!

Thai-bO – 4.6%
Infused with lemongrass, lime leaf galangal and lime zest.  Fabulous with food, equally refreshing on its own!

O4 Columbo – 4.0%
In your face hop refreshment. Gold Medal in the Golden Ale category at the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2011

O-Garden – 4.7%
Clear wheat beer flavoured with roasted Orange peel, coriander and cloves

Oxymoron – 5.5%
Our Black IPA, brewed to look dark and taste light. Dry hopped with five different varieties – the result is both complex and satisfying.

O7 Weissen – 5.0%
Usually found in the Bunch in kegged form, for this weekend we have it Cask Conditioned. A lighter wheat beer with banana aromas and lemony aftertaste.

O3 Boss – 4.4%
A traditional, chestnut red coloured bitter with American hops for flavour and aroma

O5 Gold – 5.0%
American hops and lager malt. Quaffable refreshment.

Stonegate – 4.0%

O6 Porter – 6.6%
An old style porter with a deep and full flavour.  Truly satisfying with smooth mouth feel

Not So – 5.5%
A modern take on the ‘Old Ale’ style. U.S., New Zealand and British hops unite!

O–Roger – 5.4%
A classic Burton Ale brewed with Roger Protz in the summer of 2011, with a slightly higher level of hops! Will you ever see this Beer again?

Saison Obscura – 5.5%
A continental dark Saison.  Flavoured with Grains of Paradise, Curacoa and orange peel.

O-Ho-Ho [vintage cask] – 5.0%
Our Christmas ale, blueberry infused.  Bitter with a delicate rose hue.

O-Mai – 4.3%
Our seasonal beer for May, pale and summery with fresh raspberries added late to the brew

O-Rosie 4.3%
Single hopped and infused with rosemary

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