Friday 20 February 2009

Government Minister can't remember last time he was in the pub

The failing Brown Government has a Minister in its ranks responsible for implementing a mandatory code of practise on alcohol retailing who cannot remember the last time he was in a pub! Former teacher, Alan Campbell MP for Tynemouth, told a committee of MPs "I agree that we have to be very careful about burdens, but the evidence sessions showed that there was a whole range of reasons why pubs closed, not least the social changes that are taking place. I am trying to think of the last time I was in a pub".
It's bad enough that we have an useless unelected teetotal cyclopean Scot as Prime Minister, now his lackeys who are supposed to be regulating the industry clearly state that they do not know what they are doing.
Could anyone imagine the Armed Forces Minister not visiting a barracks or the Home Secretary not visiting or even being familiar with a police station, albeit just to pick up her armed escort to the local kebab shop?
So teetotal Gordon Brown has placed a Minister in charge of regualting the alcohol industry who admits to not understanding the industry!
One estimate puts the cost to the drinks of this new, unwanted legislation as high as £300 million, so a Minister with at least a vague idea of what they are doing should be in charge, unfortunately the one-eyed idiot who runs this country is hard pressed to find anyone competent in his party.
It's just what a country with a failing economy needs - more legislation. Gordon Brown is the most unpopular Prime Minister since Neville Chamberlain - the sooner a general election is called the better for the UK, the people and of course our pubs.
The Publican also have their take on the story here.
And of course Fido has his take on it.


Dubbel said...

Very well said!

Fidothedog said...

Another bloody puritan much like the tea total Gordon, who think that having never worked outside of politics that they know what is best for the brewing/pub trade.

If anyone values the jobs created by pubs and is horrified at the rate they are closing due to higher taxes, repressive rules and regulations; then they need to vote for anyone but Labour.

A vote for Labour will lead to a high street empty of pubs, other than corporate chav palace chains like JD Wetherspoons.


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