Sunday 3 August 2008

Welsh Pub in London

It was a nice surprise to come across the Golden Egg, Kilburn High Road. Run by the JW Bassett Pub co, this large, open-plan pub offers Felinfoel Double Dragon at an unbelievable price for London - £1.99 a pint. Added to that another very rare beer for the area, Brains Bitter is available at £1.89 a pint. The pub is popular with all types a paeople and a welcome change from the normal Oirish pubs of Kilburn, the Golden Egg also offers a selection of good value meals. The JW Bassett pub co run 7 pubs in an empire stretching from Penarth to London. Their Cardiff pub is the Queens vaults, one of the favoured haunts of staff from the Western Mail and Echo.

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