Friday 8 August 2008

Podcasting @ the Great British Beer Festival

The GBBF Beercast Podcasts

Get all the flavour of the Great British Beer Festival in our handy, free audio podcasts.

Beercast presenter Mark Phillips will be going behind the scenes and talking to the people that make the festival happen, and (he hopes!) tasting all sorts of beer, cider and perry too.

One reviewer said "Brings so much of the spirit of beer festivals to podcasting. You could almost be there. Great interviewing style brings out some of those funny stories from the volunteer workers that make the event happen."

You don't need an ipod to listen to the beercasts. Just go to to listen on line, or just type "beercast" into the iTunes store and you can subscribe for free.

You can listen to the beercast archive from the 2007 GBBF, and new shows will be added before and during the 2008 festival.

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