Tuesday 24 January 2017

Now & Then, former Cymmer Hotel, Cymmer

The former Rhymney Brewery pub, the Cymmer Hotel, Pleasant View, Cymmer, Neath Port Talbot UA, looks rather neglected, boarded up in these 1960s photographs, Today it is a self-catering accommodation known as Rose Cottage


Unknown said...

Sorry to be pedantic but the pub that was known as The Cymmer Hotel and is shown boarded-up in your 1960's picture is now known as The Old Cymmer Hotel, and is a private residence. Rose Cottage is indeed used as self-catering accommodation, but it has no connection with The Old (or ex-) Cymmer Hotel. Rose Cottage is owned and operated by the owners of Bryn Teg Guest House, which is the next property on the main road. The road, incidentally, is named Graig-y-Fan (not Pleasant View - that is the name given to the lane at the rear of these properties). Other than that, good pictures for which many thanks - do you have any information as to when the pub was first built? All I know as the current occupier is that it was previously known as The New Inn, and was certainly operating in that name in the 1870's.

Brew Wales said...

Hi Peter, thanks for that clarification. Th 1962 map https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/Map/286500/195500/12/100954 shows the entire terrace as a pub encompassing both Rose Cottage and The Old Cymmer Hotel. The portico is very pub-like as well


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