Friday 29 March 2013

Easter Beer Festivals in South Wales

Just a quick roundup of what's occuring this weekend

First up is the Coach in Bridgend with their third annual beerex. Beers available:

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co 'Coach Cwtch'' & 'Hadouken'
Wye Valley 'Dorothy Goodbody's
Springtime Ale'
Cerddin Brewery 'Solar'
Skinners 'Hunny Bunny'
Great Yorkshire Brewery
Milk Street 'March Madness'
Williams Bros 'Roisin' 'Seven
Arbor Ales 'Brown Beer Dammit'
& 'Neomexicanus'
Arbor/Bristol Beer Factory
'English IPA'
Saltaire 'Elderflower'
Coach House 'Rabbit Punch' &
Black Hole 'Milky Way'  'Super
East London Brewing
Traditional Scottish Ales 'Ben
Otley 'O7 Weissen

Next to Cardiff where Fire Island are holding a beer and meat weekend

Beer list:
Beat Box - Tiny Rebel
Cwtch - Tiny Rebel
Jamboree - East London
Brewing Comp.
Pale Ale- East London Brewing
Illusion - Moor
Revival - Moor
Directionless - Red Willow
Wreckless - Red Willow
Beat Red - Revolutions
EP Session Pale - Revolutions
Guest keg this week is
Brooklyn Lager!

Also heard a rumour that the White Cross, Groeswen, Caerphilly is holding a beer festival this weekend but there is nothing on their website to say so

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