Monday 20 October 2008

Prime Minister Asked to Act on Short Beer Measures

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, visited our teetotal , allegedly homosexual, bible-bashing hypocrite, one-eyed incompetent Prime Minister the other day to hand in a petition calling for an end to short beer measures. Naturally Cyclops could not drag himself from the clutches of Baron Sleaze of Hartlepool and Foy, to actually accept the petition in person so I doubt if we will see a good outcome for this.

CAMRA has today (16th October) visited 10 Downing Street to hand in a 23,361 name petition calling for an end to short beer measures in pubs and other licensed premises. CAMRA launched the full pint petition last year in response to research showing that:

- One in four pints are short measure by over 5%

- Short beer measures cost consumers a staggering £481 million a year

- 81% of all adults support new legislation to ensure pub goers are served a full pint every time

During the 1997 General Election the current Government promised that if elected they would “guarantee drinkers a full pint” and that under Labour, drinkers would get what they pay for. Eleven years on pub goers are waiting for this promise to be fulfilled, during which time consumers have been short changed to the tune of over £5 billion.

Speaking at the Downing Street petition handover, Mike Benner, CAMRA Chief Executive said:
“We urge the Prime Minister to take notice of the 23,361 people who have signed this petition calling for an end to short beer measures. It is unlawful for consumers to be short measured when buying petrol and it should be unlawful for consumers to be short measured when buying a pint of beer. The Prime Minister has a responsibility to stick to his party’s promise that under Labour, drinkers will get what they pay for.”

“The Government takes over 80 pence in tax for every pint sold in a pub. It is about time that instead of simply taking money from the pockets of the pub-going public the Government gives something back by ensuring that consumers are served with a full pint and not 90% or 95% of a pint.”
During the last 18 months petition signatures were collected at CAMRA beer festivals and through an online campaign site.

For further information-

CAMRA Press Office: 01727 798443
Mike Benner - CAMRA Chief Executive: 01727 798441 or 07971 591224
Jonathan Mail - CAMRA Head of Policy and Public Affairs: 01727 798448 or 07720 724733
Iain Loe - CAMRA Research & Information Manager: 01727 798449 or 07801 706607

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