Saturday 9 February 2019

Best Beers in Wales

The annual number crunching is finished and the list of the Best Beers in Wales from the Anheuser-Busch Inbev subsidiary Ratebeer is as follows:

1 Tiny Rebel Imperial Puft Porter - Imperial / Double
2 Loka Polly India Pale Ale Citra Ekuanot IPA
3 Lines Line CD - Double Barrel Farm Blend (Burgundy / Pinot Barrels) Sour / Wild Ale
4 Tiny Rebel Stay Puft Imperial Chocolate  Porter - Imperial / Double
5 Lines Line A - New Zealand New England IPA - Session
6 Tiny Rebel / Arbor Bonsai IPA
7 Lines Line A - Pale Oats on Delta Resin IPA - Session
8 Lines Line FA - Primary Brett Imperial stout Stout - Imperial
9 Lines Line A - Dry hopped IPA IPA
10 Loka Polly Double IPA Mosaic Simcoe IPA - Imperial / Double
11 Lines Line ACD - Farmhouse IPA Sour / Wild Ale
12 Tiny Rebel / Siren Didgeridank IPA - Imperial / Double
13 Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana IPA
14 Tiny Rebel Stay Puft Chocolate Porter
15 Tiny Rebel Loki Lite IPA - Session
16 Tiny Rebel Captain Insano IPA - Imperial / Double
17 Tiny Rebel Hadouken IPA
18 Tiny Rebel / Dark Star Rebel Alliance Saison
19 Lines Line CA - Nelson Saison Saison
20 Loka Polly Stout Citra Columbus Stout
21 Crafty Devil You Love Us IPA
22 Lines Line AD - Double IPA Blend (Nelson, Citra, Chinook & Amarillo) IPA - Imperial / Double
23 Tiny Rebel Dirty Stop Out Stout
24 Tiny Rebel Lock Stock IPA - Imperial / Double
25 Tiny Rebel / Fierce Beer Orange Mocha Frapp Stout Stout
26 Tiny Rebel Sugar Rush Stout - Imperial
27 Tiny Rebel Stay Puft Porter
28 Loka Polly Espresso Breakfast Stout Aurora Stout - Sweet
29 Tiny Rebel Tiny Batch In and Around the Mouth IPA
30 Loka Polly Stout Simcoe Stout
31 Hopcraft Sharks Against Surfers Pale Ale - American
32 Tiny Rebel Cali Pale Ale - American
33 Loka Polly India Pale Ale El Dorado Mosaic IPA
34 Lines Line DE - Blackcurrant Oak BA  Sour / Wild Ale
35 Tiny Rebel The Vader Shuffle Porter
36 Tiny Rebel / Weird Beard Dirty Perle Stout
37 Loka Polly Double IPA Simcoe Waimea IPA - Imperial / Double
38 Hopcraft A Good Rogering IPA - Black / Dark
39 Tiny Rebel Cereal Killer IPA - Session
40 Lines / Fyne Ales Green Lines Saison 3.54 14 Saison
41 Hopcraft Devilfish Ink IPA - Black / Dark
42 Tiny Rebel Bass Drop Stout - Imperial
43 Hopcraft Citraic Pale Ale - American
44 Hopcraft Graveyard Eyes (5.3%) Porter
45 Tiny Rebel Urban IPA IPA
46 Tiny Rebel Peaches & Cream IPA IPA
47 Loka Polly Pale Ale Mosaic DDH Pale Ale - American
48 Tiny Rebel / Dugges Pina Colada Pale Ale Pale Ale - American
49 Tiny Rebel The Full Nelson Pale Ale - American
50 Tiny Rebel Sonic Boom Typhoon IPA - Imperial / Double

No surprise that Tiny Rebel dominate this list, they brew fantastic beers.
Ratebeer also has a list of the top places to drink beer in Wales:

1. Tiny Rebel Cardiff (91 visits)
2. BrewDog Cardiff (87)
3. City Arms (Brains) (84)
4. Hopbunker (84)
5. Tiny Rebel Newport (80)
6. Chapter Arts Centre (78)
7. Clytha Arms (77)
8. Albion Ale House (77)
9. Vinomondo (77)
10. Gold Cape (JDW) (77)

Over at Untappd the list of Best Beers is a bit different:

1. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Imperial Chocolate Stay Puft
2. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Imperial Puft
3. LOKA POLLY Chinook Mosaic Double IPA
4. LOKA POLLY Mosaic Simcoe Double IPA
5. LOKA POLLY Citra Simcoe Double IPA
6. LOKA POLLY Simcoe Waimea Double IPA
7. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co/Siren Didgeridank
8. LOKA POLLY Citra Ekuanot India Pale Ale
9. LOKA POLLY Ekuanot Mosaic Double IPA
10. LOKA POLLY El Dorado Mosaic India Pale Ale
11. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Chocolate Stay Puft
12. LOKA POLLY Citra Simcoe India Pale Ale
13. LOKA POLLY  Citra Double IPA
14. LOKA POLLY Citra Ekuanot Double IPA
15. LOKA POLLY Citra Columbus India Pale Ale
16. LOKA POLLY Chinook Vic Secret India Pale Ale
17. Crafty Devil Brewing Co  Not So Safe As Milk
18. Celt Brewing Ogham Ash
19. LOKA POLLY Citra DDH Pale
20. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Bonsai
21. LOKA POLLY Ekuanot Simcoe DDH IPA
22. LOKA POLLY Galaxy Mosaic India Pale Ale
23. Crafty Devil Brewing Co Tax Man
24. LOKA POLLY Mosaic Simcoe Pale Ale
25. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Captain Insano
26. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Clwb Tropicana
27. LOKA POLLY Amarillo Mosaic India Pale Ale
28. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Stay Puft
29. Crafty Devil Brewing Co Cry Baby
30. Crafty Devil Brewing Co Magic Bus
31. Purple Moose Brewery (Bragdy Mws Piws) Chocolate Moose
32. LOKA POLLY Ekuanot DDH Pale
33. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Rhubarb & Custard Sour
34. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co But Did You Die?
35. LOKA POLLY Aurora Espresso Breakfast Stout
36. Crafty Devil Brewing Co You Love Us
37. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Hadouken
38. Crafty Devil Brewing Co  Safe As Milk
39. LOKA POLLY Hallertau Blanc India Pale Ale
40. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Peaches And Cream IPA
41. LOKA POLLY Simcoe DDH Pale
42. The Waen Brewery Snowball
43. LOKA POLLY Chinook Ekuanot Pale Ale
44. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co In & Around The Mouth
45. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Lock Stock (Tiny Batch Edition)
46. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Power of Grayskull
47. Crafty Devil Brewing Co/Left Handed Giant The Devil We Know
48. Crafty Devil Brewing Co Sweet Emotion
49. LOKA POLLY Citra El Dorado Pale
50.  LOKA POLLY Mosaic DDH Pale

Tiny Rebel again coming top with the list heavily dominated by them and North Wales' Loka Polly. According to Untappd "A beer must have 150 ratings or more to qualify for this list".
Untapped also produce a list of top breweries in Wales, according to them "A brewery must have at least 1,000 ratings and at least 5 beers in their portfolio to qualify for this list." Their top Welsh breweries are:

2. Crafty Devil Brewing Co
3. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co
4.Wild Horse Brewing Co
5. West By Three Brewing Co.
7. The Waen Brewery
8.  Lines Brew Co.
9. Tenby Brewing Co
10. Grey Trees Brewery
11. Hopcraft Brewing
12. Gwynt y Ddraig (Cider!)
13. Heavy Industry Brewing
14. Purple Moose Brewery (Bragdy Mws Piws)
15. Velvet Owl Brewing Co.
16. Lithic Brewing (Brewery closed)
17. Brew Monster
18. Untapped Brewing Company
19. Mad Dog Brewing Co
20. Glamorgan Brewing Co
21. Mantle
22. Gower Brewery
23. Tenby Harbwr Brewery
24. Cwrw Llŷn
25. Cwrw Ial Community Brewing Company
26. Tomos a Lilford
27. Hallets (Cider!)
28. Hafod Brewing Company
29. Big Hand Brewing Co
30. Bragdy Twt Lol
31. Pixie Spring Brewery
32. Caffle Brewery
33. VOG Brewer
34. Mumbles Brewery
35. Kingstone Brewery
36. Great Orme Brewery
37. Conwy Brewery
38. Tudor Brewery
39. Tomos Watkin and Sons Ltd.
40.  Celt Brewing
41.  Bluestone Brewing Co.
42.  Facer's
43. Brains
44. Brains Craft Brewery
45. Rhymney Brewery
46. Boss Brewing Company
47. Evan Evans
48. Monty's Brewery
49. Bullmastiff Brewery
50. Brecon Brewing

Once again, no Welsh beers make it into the Beer Advocate list of top 100 beers from UK & Ireland

Again, CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, have failed to publicise their Champion Beers of Wales for last year, either on their National Website (winners not updated since 2016!) or on their Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival website or even in a press release. However I found them elsewhere:
Gold - Boss Black
Silver - Grey Trees Diggers Gold
Bronze - Tiny Rebel Cwtch

Best Mild -Rhymney Dark, runner-up Caffle Catchpole
Ordinary Bitter - Rhymney Hobby Horse, runner-up - Purple Moose Cwrw Madog
Golden Ale - Grey Trees Digger's Gold, runner-up - Monty's Sunshine
Best Bitter - Tiny Rebel Cwtch, runner-up - Conwy Rampart
Strong Bitter - Grey Trees Afghan Pale, runner-up - Monty's Mischief
Old Ale - Untapped Ember, runner-up - Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose
Speciality Beers - Untapped Crystal, runner-up - Purple Moose Ysgawen
Porter - Boss Black, runner-up - Tudor Black Rock
Barley Wine - Heart of Wales High as a Kite


realaleguide said...

So why don't Camra publicize Welsh Breweries on their website?

Brew Wales said...

Because perhaps CAMRA has lost all interest in promoting good beer and good breweries?


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