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Anonymous said...

Interesting experience at the Harbour Inn Solva.
Having been informed that they had no lime cordial, I was then told that they didn't sell lemonade in half pints. There then followed a spirited discussion between two members of staff, at the end of which we got a half pint of lemonade. Attitude adjustment needed.

Anonymous said...

My family and i visited the lamb and flag in abergavenny for lunch today, which i must say was very nice, our 7wk old granddaughter needed changing and was shown to the disabled/baby changing room.on opening the door the stench was horrific,the sanitary bin in the toilet was overflowing with both adult and child nappies. Staff say that they are aware of it and are waiting for the company to come and empty it. I am very surprised that the staff had let this happen and why not empty or at least put some of the nappies in a black bag .

Anonymous said...

Why is the church inn In bedwellty Aberbargoed
It's breaks my heart that it's fallen into bad management I've been a customer there since 1959. It does not open every day. And my feelings are that Brains should look into it to save it. It's so sad that it's allowed to get in this state. Please. Can you look into it.

roderick mccaffery said...

i was in the monachty hotel tonight having a friday night drink with a friend and talking at the bar when the barmaid told us to be quiet as she was taking an order, i though she was joking but again she repeated herself and i said thought she was being rude and she said, if you dont like it go and drink someware else.

I am a local business man that has drunk in the bar for nearly 20 years and am 63 years of age and have never been spoken to like this ever in my life.

I am a locksmith and have done lots of work in the monachty over the last decade but will never set foot back in the place again.

On a business level you can employ a locksmith from miles away and pay them hundreds of pounds instead of my tens of pounds.

The barmaid in question is called Ania.

I will be posting an extended version of this complaint on facebook, trip adviser and any other site that i can think of.

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I visited The Duke of Wellington in Cardiff city centre yesterday around 5 and we're completely amazed at the behaviour of some of the bar staff. A young man with a pony tail,and one of the two barmaids, were mucking around, laughing and on their phones in such an unprofessional manner. I'd been waiting to be served for a long time when the barmaid walked past me saying to the barman that he'd have to serve and went off laughing and going on her phone. The barman too for some time ignored waiting customers and sat down and went on his phone while laughing with another man the other side of the bar and the barmaid I mentioned earlier. It was as if they were out socialising with each other and serving customers was a bit of an inconvenience.
I would suggest that if you have cctv in the bar that you check it and see for yourselves. If not you should maybe check to see who was working around 5/5.30 on Tuesday 5th Sept. and send somebody in as a customer to see if you feel their childish, and totally unprofessional behaviour, is acceptable and how you would like your company to be represented.
I would like to point out that it was only one of the girls serving that was larking around. She was the girl with the darker hair, the other barmaid was working properly and we felt quite sorry for her having to work alongside the other staff.

Anonymous said...

I am mortified with the landlord and landlady of The Prince of Wales in Aberaeron. The way they speak to their staff and customers is absolutely disgusting. They also need to learn how to smile and attend to the customer soon as, not carry on playing on the phone and have people waiting for 5 minutes. Absolute disgrace, me and my family will never step foot inside there again. Instead off playing games on the phone, serve the customers and clean the toilets for once

Anonymous said...

Booked in to the White Lion Hotel in Bala for one night last week. At 1105 pm, the fire alarms sounded and all residents gathered outside seeking information from a member of staff. The problem was that there was NO member of staff in the hotel when the alarms sounded. The "manager" and I grudgingly use that description for him, was eventually located in a hotel bar across the road from the White Lion. His attitude was appalling and said that a staff member should have been in the building at all times guests are in the building. On this occasion, the "duty" staff member was obviously himself and his bluff had been called by the alarms sounding . After promising refunds and apologising rather insincerely to everyone we all went back to bed. Apart from the fact that there was no staff member in the building, the alarm system in the hotel did not appear to be linked to the emergency services. There is an unmanned police station and a fire station in Bala and we were all stood outside wondering what to do until the manager was located. Luckily, it was quite warm and was not raining at the time. In addition to that, the landing floor boards creaked, the fire door closers were set to slam the doors shut so the there was no chance of getting an undisturbed night's sleep if guests returned to the hotel in the early hours. The only plus side was the quality of the breakfast which was very good. We checked out at 0830 the next morning and there was no sign of the manager at that so no "refund" was forthcoming. I will NEVER stay in the White Lion Hotel, Bala again.


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