Wednesday 3 April 2013

Swansea Beerex to feature more ciders than ever before this week!

Its Swansea Bay Beer & Cider Festival this weekend and I have previously posted the provisional beer list here and below is the provisional cider and perry list - a lot more ciders and perries than before at this event, hence the name change! The change of date is due to the Brangwyn Hall being closed for a refurbishment this August, the usual time of the festival.

Festival is from Thursday 4th April to Saturday 6th April 2013

Open 1700-2300 Thursday 4th

12-2300 Friday 5th & Saturday 6th
Admission £5 (£3 CAMRA members) includes glass and programme. Please note: due to venue restrictions, imposed by on-going renovation work within the Guildhall buildings, no children can be admitted to the Festival this year. 18+ event only!

The Brothel Creepers - Thursday 4th April 9pm
Afternoon in Paris - Friday 5th April 6pm
LAF - Friday 5th April 9pm
Nomads Duo - Saturday 6th April 4pm
Burghers - Saturday 6th April 7pm.

Provisional cider and perry list below:

Blindgranny Farm Blindfold
Blindgranny Farm Hallets
Blindgranny Farm Heart breaker
Blindgranny Farm National treasure
Bridge Farm perry
Broadoak premium perry
Butford farm perry
Chafford 'Hellishly Strong' cider
Chuclehead cider
Double vision Elderflower perry
Double vision Impeared Vision perry
Gower Heritage Perry
Gwatkins Kingston Black cider
Gwatkins Yarlington Mill cider
Gwynt-y-ddraig Ancient Warrior
Gwynt-y-ddraig Black Dragon
Gwynt-y-ddraig Dog Dancer
Gwynt-y-ddraig Farmers pride
Gwynt-y-ddraig Fiery Fox
Gwynt-y-ddraig Happy Daze
Gwynt-y-ddraig Haymaker
Gwynt-y-ddraig Pyder
Gwynt-y-ddraig Sweet
Gwynt-y-ddraig Two Trees
Hecks Kingston Black cider
Hecks Blakeney Red perry
Middle farm Little Red Rooster

Mr Whitehead Apples and pears
Mr Whitehead Blackberry cider
Mr Whitehead Boxing Dog
Mr Whitehead Devil's Device
Mr Whitehead Katy
Mr Whitehead Legbender
Mr Whitehead Midnight special
Mr Whitehead Rum Cask
Mr Whitehead Russet
Oakwood perry
Polygoon Vineyard cider
Portslade WILD THING
Rich's Farmhouse cider
Rich's Legbender
Rosie's Black Bart's cider
Rosie's Wicked Wasp cider
Sandford Orchard Bumbleberry cider
Sandford Orchard Shaky Bridge cider
Swallowfields Moody Old Cow cider
Swallowfields Wonky Donkey cider
Troggi Troggi cider C 7.1
Troggi Troggi perry
West Croft Janet'sJungleJuice
Wilkins Farmhouse cider
Wiscombe Suicider cider

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